This is the History of the Schoop/Shoop Family of Dauphin County
Kindly sent to me and written by Sheryl Miller of Ca.

Also the first mentioning in this country of the name Melchior Flinspach - 1758 - Which latter became Flinchbaugh
Two pictures of the old Shoop's Church and gateway to the cemetery in Lower Paxton Township, Dauphin County, PA.  These pictures were taken by me in the early 1970's.  The church, which was no longer in use, was torn down in about the mid-1970's.  We visited in Dauphin County in 1970, 1972, and 1974.  On one of the trips, the side door to the church was already ajar, so my Dad and I stepped into the church.  It was in disarray, but the chancel area was still intact.   It was quite large inside.  It would have been neat to have been able to attend a worship service there when it was still being used -- I think they stopped using the church in the late 1950's when a new church was built elsewhere.

Johann Christopher Schupp, the father-in-law of Rosina (Rosmaria) Flinspach, was baptized on December 13, 1717 at the Herren-Sulbach Reformed Church in Mertzweiler, Rheinland-Pfalz, in Germany.  Mertzweiler is now (modern spelling) Merzweiler.  It's about 16 miles from the small German city of Kusel.  (Professional Genealogist Annette K. Burgert identified the Schupps from the records of the Herren-Sulzach Lutheran and Reformed Churches.)

Christopher Schupp probably immigrated to America (Philadelphia) on the Ship "Loyal Judith" on September 3, 1739 with his older brother, Johann Georg Schupp.  Another brother, Johann Ulrich Schupp, had immigrated to Pennsylvania by or before 1733 and he lived in Manor Township, Lancaster Co., PA.  Also two of Christopher's first cousins, Johann Jacob Schupp, and Johann Henrich Schupp, arrived in America in 1741 and 1753.  Johann Jacob Schupp reportedly settled in Mt. Pleasant Township, Lancaster/now York County, PA (I'm told.)

Christopher Schupp married Anna Margaretha (Margaret) Poh/Boh/Bon/etc. on August 16, 1742 at Muddy Creek Lutheran and Reformed Church, East Cocalico Township, Lancaster Co., PA.  Margaret was the daughter of Wendel and Mary Poh, who immigrated to America on the Ship "William" on October 31, 1737 (Philadelphia).  By the 1750's Christopher and Margaret, and her parents, had moved to Derry Township, Lancaster/now Dauphin County.  Christopher and Margaret attended Hill Lutheran Church in Derry Township -- also called
the Sand Hill Church, located about two miles southeast of Hummelstown.  One of the baptisms shows that Christopher and Margaret were the witnesses at the baptism of John Christopher Flerspach, son of Melchior Flerspach on June 18, 1758.  "Flinspach"  Latter this family came to be known by the name Flinchbaugh

The early baptisms and some cemetery records of that church were transcribed by E. W. S. Parthemore in 1892.  It's located on the internet at under USGenWeb Archives by Abby Bowman.  (I'm interested in learning about a possible connection with Ulrich Huebscher/Hubscher/Hypsher/etc. and his wife, Maria Margaretha Chagrin, who are listed in baptismal records with the Schupps and Pohs/Haltermans at Trinity Lutheran in Lancaster, Muddy Creek Lutheran and Reformed, and at Hill Lutheran in Derry Township.   

Christopher and Margaret Schupp had about 9 children.  Their oldest son, Christopher Schupp/Shoop, was born November 10 (or 12), 1743 in Lancaster County; died January 20, 1820, Lower Paxton Township, Dauphin Co., PA.

He married Rosina (Rosmaria) Flintsbach/Flinspach, daughter of Melchior Leonhard and Sophia Catharina (Rembold) Flintsbach/Flinspach/etc.  I understand that Rosina was born about 1750 in Lauffen/Grossgartach, Wurttemberg, Germany.  It appears that Christopher and Rosina met in Derry Townshp, before Rosina's family moved to York County.

I don't know where they were married -- perhaps at a church in York County, the Hill Church in Derry Township, a church in Middletown or in Hummelstown?? 

Rosina and Christopher moved nearby to Lower Paxton Township, Lancaster/now Dauphin County.  The earliest record in the Lutheran Church that later became known as Shoop's Lutheran and Reformed Church was regarding the baptism of Christopher and Rosina's son, Johannes, born May 5, 1771, baptized June 5, 1771.  Rosina and Christopher later deeded one acre and 50 perches of land for the church and the old cemetery on May 17, 1797.  The church and cemetery was located on Highway 22 just east of Interstate 83 in the modern community of Colonial Park.  Apparently the old graveyard, where the earliest settlers were buried, was in front of the church.  Helen Snyder, a professional genealogist, who lived in Harrisburg, told me in the early 1970's that the original church cemetery is now under Highway 22, and that the remains of the early settlers were re-interred in a mass grave in the more modern section of the cemetery, and that the old headstones were reportedly used as a foundation for a gas station nearby.  The Lower Paxton Historical Society's website shows that the mass removal and reburial of 394 graves into a "common grave site" occurred in 1958 to make way for the widening of Rt. 2 and the I-83 ramps.  I noticed when visiting the cemetery, that there are still some old grave markers in the cemetery directly behind the grassy area where the church building had stood facing Highway 22.

Rosina and Chistopher had about 11 children.  Most of the children were baptized at Shoop's Church.  I'm sure that the children not baptized at this church were baptized at other churches in the area -- perhaps at Blymire's Church in York County?, at Salem Church in Harrisburg?, St. Peter's Church in Middletown?, etc.  I have not seen the records of those churches.  Rosina died before August 1814 when her husband wrote his will.  He died on January 20, 1820 at the age of 76.  Christopher's death was also mentioned in the records of St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Middletown, Dauphin County.  I have not found the date of Rosina's death. . 

Rosina and Christopher's children were:  (1) John (Johannes) born May 15, 1771;
(2) Daniel, born February 15, 1774; (3) Catharina, born September 12 or 17, 1775, married John Felty (Velte), (4) Jacob, born February 10, 1778; (5) John Christopher, born about 1780, (6) Rosina, baptized in 1781; she married John Hoover, (7) Jonas, baptized in 1783,
(8) Elizabeth, born November 9, 1783, married John Ewing, (9) Johann Frederich (Frederick), born July 14 or 22, 1785, (10) Maria Magdalena, born July 23, 1787, married Jacob Bear,
and (11) Christina, born May 4, 1791, married William Ewing.  

Sheryl Miller is a descendant of their 9th child, Frederick Shoop, who married Mary Magdalena Garman.  They lived in Lower Paxton Township and attended Shoop's Church.  It was Arthur and Lillian Shoop of Harrisburg, who told me that Rosina was the daughter of Melchior and Sophia Catharina Flintsbach.  Arthur Shoop was also a descendant of Frederick Shoop.

"Dauphin County Tombstone Inscriptions" by Oscar H. Stroh, 1985, contains information from the old Shoop burial ground.  If you want a copy of this, please let me know and I'll mail it to you. 

John Frederick Stine, born March 14, 1760, died September 7, 1828
Barbara Stine, born March 28, 1761, died August 27, 1828
David Stine, born September 17, 1790, died July 27, 1828
Leonard Stine, born October 11, 1792, died September 28, 1860
Elizabeth Stine, born July 27, 1794, died July 30, 1848
Elizabeth Stine, born August 2, 1797, died April 1, 1860
Mary Stine, born August 20, 1801, died July 2, 1832.

Sheryl Miller
Shoop's Church Dauphin County Pennsylvania
before it was torn down
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A Brief History of Saint Paul Lutheran Church"

"St. Paul Lutheran Congregation of Sand Hill is the oldest Lutheran Congregation in Derry Township, Dauphin County, 15th oldest in the Central Pennsylvania Lutheran Synod, 52nd oldest in Pennsylvania and 90th in America, out of approximately 18,000 Lutheran Congregations. The Church was known as the Church in the Wildwood and was the center of the community. The Lutheran Church located in Sand Hill (now called the St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church - 1996), since 1752 has been variously known as Berge Kirche, Die Berg Kirche, Die Maxen Kirch, Die Maxa Kirch, The Hill Church, The Sand Hill Church, The Sand Hill Lutheran Church, Derry Township Lutheran Church, The Lutheran Congregation in Derry Township.

Life in the 1750's was described in the following manner:

"With Bible and Gun, they went to church. In 1752 the church was nothing more than a gleam in the collective eye of a few German settlers who fought Indians with one hand and farmed with the other."

Remains reinterred in a mass grave in Sec A in 1960s when original section was cleared for
I-83 cloverleaf
                  Photo by -: Robert Viguers