Pennsylvania "German" Genealogy
of the
Shoop / Shupp / Schupp

These names are spelled many ways, just depending on which records you are looking at.  I spelled them this way because it just happened to be the spelling that they were using at the time.
Christophel Shoop born 1717 Eichtersheim, Germany
Arrived in America  1739 at Philadelphia on the ship Loyal Judith
married Anna Margret Pokin 1742


Christopher  Shoop / Schupp born 1743 Derry Township Dauphin County
married Rosina Flenschbach  (daughter of Melchior Leonard Flinspach  ( FlinchbaughGenealogy )

Anna Maria born 1766 Dauphin County

Children of Christopher Schupp born 1743 and Rosina Flenschbach

John Shupp born 1771

Daniel Shupp born 1774

Catherine Shupp born 1775

Jacob Shupp born 1778

Elisabeth Shupp born 1783

Lousia Shupp born 1785

John Frederick Shupp born 1785

Maria Magdelena Shupp born 787

Christian Shupp born 1791

Christopher and Rosina Shoop / Shupp gave the Land for the Shupp Church in Dauphin County

Some of this family moved to York County.  I am trying to connect them to the Tschoop  (Shoop)  family that married into the Schlenker ( Slenker ) family
Background Picture is of Old Shoop's Church Cemetery in Dauphin Co - no longer there
from Sheryl Miller Ca
Click here for History of this family and the Church
by Sheryl Miller
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